Fish in the tank


Seeing fish in the tank, I thought, they may want freedom.

Rivers as so wild flow, fish no power but to follow
Up to the sea the journey ends yet a new starts
As born they think a home first and ever to last
Time passes, to change the perfect they want not
‘Ve heard the fool to St. Anselm, in hands the betters
Hence the mind from the unknown freaks and fears
As elder fish travel connections with youngest drops
Poor fish their only wish the destination late to reach
So far so impossible the find just by mind only to perceive
Pressure on ears as down soo high on eyes as deep so dark

Mustafa Kenj

Get the air

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Need the food

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In the confines of a glass domain, Where waters glisten, a captive terrain, I saw fish swimming, their grace untamed, Yet longing for freedom, their spirits unchained.

Their vibrant colors, a radiant hue, Like flickering flames in a sky of blue, They danced in circles, their movements alive, Yet a yearning within them began to thrive.

With every graceful sway and glide, Their eyes, deep pools of longing, implied, A desire to roam the boundless sea, To taste the vastness of liberty.

Though nurtured with care, fed and observed, A part of them yearned to be unreserved, To explore the depths beyond those walls, Where ocean's whispers beckon and calls.

In the stillness of that moment, I felt, The yearning for freedom that in them dwelt, A reminder that all creatures seek release, To find their purpose, to find their peace.

And as I gazed upon their watery domain, A simple truth coursed through my veins, That in every heart, a longing resides, To break the shackles and reach the skies.

So let us honor those desires deep, And hold compassion for all creatures we meet, For in their eyes, we see our own reflection, A yearning for freedom, a shared connection.

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