Long Coc tea hill (Long Coc commune, Thanh Son district).


During my expedition to Long Coc Tea Hill in Vietnam, I was bestowed with a remarkable opportunity to witness the beauty of the region's tea plantations and engage with the amiable local populace. The affable nature of the people I encountered created an inviting atmosphere that left an indelible mark on my memory.

Upon arriving at Long Coc Tea Hill, I was immediately struck by the serene ambiance that enveloped the area. The sprawling green tea plantations stretched as far as the eye could see, displaying a harmonious blend of nature and cultivation. Immersed in this picturesque landscape, I embarked on an exploration that would unveil the essence of this tranquil abode.

Eager to experience the authenticity of the region, I sought out a local tea farmer who graciously welcomed me into their humble abode. A bond was quickly forged as we engaged in conversation, sharing stories and traditions while savoring a cup of the farmer's exquisite green tea. The distinct aroma and delicate flavor of the tea, freshly plucked and expertly processed, offered a glimpse into the artistry and dedication embedded within each leaf.

Continuing my journey, I had the privilege of partaking in a local feast prepared by hospitable residents who opened their homes to visitors. The tantalizing scents of Vietnamese delicacies filled the air, evoking a sense of anticipation. Savoring each dish, I was introduced to a symphony of flavors, skillfully crafted with love and care. The communal atmosphere fostered connections with fellow travelers and locals alike, forging a sense of camaraderie and cultural exchange.

Long Coc Tea Hill, with its breathtaking landscapes and the warm embrace of its inhabitants, left an indelible impression on my soul. It was a testament to the beauty that lies within the intricacies of nature and the kindness that resides within the hearts of the local people. This unforgettable journey instilled within me a profound appreciation for the interplay of nature, community, and the exquisite pleasures found in the simplicity of local traditions

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